“As people read Sue’s memoir, what they will find is that her book is honest, and her pain genuine.  Her story may be uncomfortable to read, but it will raise awareness about brain health and the importance of early identification and intervention to maintain it.  If people listen to her – to all that she has experienced, and to how this has changed her – they will be quicker to respond to depression in young people, to the suicidal thinking that can accompany it, and to the rage that can build almost unnoticed in young people when the people who truly and completely love and care for them are distracted by other challenges in life.” Paul Gionfriddo, President and CEO of Mental Health America

 “Reading this book as a critic is hard; reading it as a parent is devastating….I imagine snippets of my own young children in Dylan Klebold, shades of my parenting in Sue and Tom.  I suspect that many families will find their own parallels….This book’s insights are painful and necessary and its contradictions inevitable.” —The Washington Post

 “[Sue Klebold’s book] reads as if she had written it under oath, while trying to answer, honestly and completely, an urgent question: What could a parent have done to prevent this tragedy?… Eventually, Klebold found her way forward with a mission of suicide prevention, and she provides a precise education on the subject in “A Mother’s Reckoning.” She earns our pity, our empathy and, often, our admiration; and yet the book’s ultimate purpose is to serve as a cautionary tale, not an exoneration.” —The New York Times Book Review

“Here is the parenting book everyone should read.” —

 “I believe Sue Klebold.  So will you.” —LA Times

“At times her story is so chilling you want to turn away, but Klebold’s compassion and honesty –and realization that parents and institutions must work to discover kids’ hidden suffering-will keep you riveted.” —

“This book which can be tough to read in places is an important one. It helps us arrive at a new understanding of how Columbine happened and, in the process, may help avert other tragedies.” Rated: A. —Entertainment Weekly

  “Here is the parenting book everyone should read.” 

“A powerful book every parent needs to read.”

 “This is the most harrowing book I have read and should be required reading for the parents of adolescents….a book of nobility and importance.” —The Times (UK)

“Immensely powerful read that moves from a thriller-like retelling to a polemic on our ignorance about mental illness.” —Sunday Times Culture

“As harrowing as it is engrossing… For those of us who are also parents of teenagers… it would be somehow reassuring to know that there was a dysfunctional family or that there indeed were neon danger signs.   It wasn’t and there weren’t.   That’s what makes it such a scary book to read.  The Klebolds were a family rather like mine, and maybe yours, too.” Daily Mail Book of the Week